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                   My website last updated - Wednesday 25th March 2015

*** NEW *** for April PYRAMID healing see Pyramid healing

Distant Attunements
On line distant healing Reiki Attunements offered on all non traditional Reiki courses. For more information Distant Attunements

      Lynda Bourne  " A Lightworker to hold the Light"         
           Reiki Grand Master & Spiritual Teacher

   Teacher & Lecturer on 'Working with your Spirit Guides"   


                        School of Spiritual Enlightenment
                                        Heavenly Guidance

                                    Crystal Cottage
                                   19 Duncalfe Drive
                                         Four Oaks
                                    Sutton Coldfield
                                  West Midlands B75 5EX
                                      United Kingdom

                        home tel: (+44) 0121 308 6526
                                   Mobile: 07798 615 102

                          email:  al.pabo@hotmail.co.uk

My FACEBOOK page is Heavenly Guidance at Crystal Cottage

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Thank you for visiting my website.I very much hope that I can give you some guidance by helping you sense your Spirit Guides, Angels, Unicorns and other Beings of LIGHT.               

                 Blessings of Light, Lynda

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                                      Live your dream

 “Live your dream, I have. There may be days that are windswept and days of sunshine, but at least you can say you have lived your life the best way you can.
Be kind to yourself, live for the moment, see the good in the world
and by doing this, the world will remember you."    Lyndy Bourne