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Unicorn Reiki is the twin or partner of Dragon Reiki.  Unicorn Reiki is the feminine and Dragon Reiki is the masculine energy . Both compliment each other with Yin & Yan Reiki energy.

Unicorn Reiki helps with balancing and healing emotions and intuition.

What is a Unicorn?

Many think the Unicorn looks like a horse with a tail similar to a lion's, a beard under the chin with a horn coming out of the forehead. This may be the case as Unicorns have their own personalities and roles.

In my experience with working with and seeing unicorns I see them as highly evolved animals which show themselves as horses, with them having concentrated spinning energy coming out of their third eye chakra – their horn. They come in all sizes, ponies and large horses, though I have never seen shire horses usually thoroughbreds.

The white Unicorns have blue eyes and have a higher vibration for healing than the other more protective unicorns. Unicorns are the equivalent as an Ascended Master in the human lineage and as an Archangel in the Angelic realm. Animals, humans and angels all learn lessons and agree on their lives purposes as a lesser being so they can evolve into their highest self.

Why are Unicorns here? 

Unicorn’s are here to help the planet and its creatures to remove negative energy. Though the Unicorns main purpose is to help the animal kingdom to evolve into higher beings. Unicorns have agreed to assist everyone who works within the white light as they know their purpose is pure and we all have one common goal “cleanse and remove negative energy”. 

Unicorns have many different roles; they do not just do healing. Some are used as guards to guard animal vortex’s, for example near or within a Vets, animal hospital or slaughter house. Also at these places there will be nursery leader Unicorns who usher and show the animals the way to the vortex.

Unicorns will also be assigned to a horse of importance or a horse in the public eye. They will work with theses horses as their guides, just like humans have Ascended Masters and Archangels helping us.

I have seen healing Unicorns around ‘pet’ horses that belong to spiritual people, for example my own horses Sian, Echo and Foxy, all of which had medical problems. Echo first introduced me to Reiki healing and she started me on my professional path as a teacher. My current horse Monty has protective guardian Unicorns around him, one of which is quite intimidating as he is fairly large and domineering as a stallion.

Unicorns and 2012   

The earth is going through changes in its vibration in preparation for 2012, where all the planets in our solar system line up and the Universe will be going through a shift in energy. Spiritual people believe this vibrational shift will mean people who suffer with depression and stress will become worse as they are unable to cope with the higher frequency. Scientists are unsure as the last time this Universal shift happened was a few thousand years ago. 

Many people today are exploring spiritual ideas and are aware of angels, crystals, holistic therapies and new age shops. This tread is partly due to the beliefs of many people changing the way they think; it is now common for people to have reflexology, Reiki, crystal healing and other holistic therapies. Another spiritual change is the Pleadian guides coming to earth in preparation for 2012. I am finding all spiritual people have at least one or more Pleadian guides and usually as their main life guide.

One of the first recent spiritual energies to return to earth, in 1984 approx is the Violet flame in the Guardianship of St Germaine. The last time the Violet flame was on earth is in the time of Atlantis, it was removed from the earth as mankind was abusing its energy for purposes of self importance. Up until recently the energy on the earth has been based around human physical and ground level. Now it is moving up to a higher third dimension and working on the soul and spirit level. There are far more ‘star people’ and ‘angelic’ people on the planet, these souls may not have been on earth before within a human body. The energy all around us is very intense and universal, rather than being earth grounded or physical. Our guides are working with us to increase our vibration in preparation for our enlightenment and our Ascension; there are more Ascended Masters on the earth plan than there ever has been before.

Unicorns have agreed for the first time to join with a human healer in helping us remove negative energy from our earth. The violet flame and St Germaine work closely with the Unicorns and their human healers.


Unicorns Healing energy

Unicorns energy is of a high vibration and is similar to angelic healing.  Unicorns have the ability to remove negative energy by their higher vibrational. The healing is usually done with the hands hovering above the person working in the auric field, Unicorn vortex energy removes toxins and negative energy. Unicorn Reiki is excellent at removing karmic energy which prevents the person from moving forward and letting go. The Unicorn Reiki symbols, which are activated within the healer after attunement, have the power to release guilt and other emotions within the client.

Unicorn Practitioner. This course is equivalent to Reiki Practitioner 2nd degree level so you must be a Reiki first degree.

I can teach the Unicorn course for individuals combining both sessions on the same day. I can arrange for you to be taught on your own if you prefer.

2 part course £160 (£80 per session)

Course includes Unicorn Attunement, practical and theory healing techniques using Unicorn healing symbols. After attunement work with your own unique Unicorn healing guide.

The Unicorn Healing Practitioner Diploma course is for people who are healers and want to work with the beautiful Unicorn energy. Ideally you should have some knowledge and understanding of healing or have some spiritual back ground, crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, spiritual healer, medium, clairvoyant or similar.

What is Unicorn Healing?
A Unicorn healing session is very relaxing and uplifting. The Unicorns energy is of a high vibration and is similar to angelic healing.  Some people feel tingling and a gentle waves of energy while at the same time they may see violet and gold. Unicorns have the ability to remove negative energy by their higher vibrational energy which passes via the healers hands and onto the person or animal needing healing. The healing is usually done with the hands hovering above the person working in the auric field, then energy is pushed in waves or vortex energy into the body to remove any toxins and negative energy.

What the course covers
Attunement to Unicorn energy. Unicorn healing symbols, symbols to remove karma, guilt and forgiveness. Practical healing sessions to increase confidence with working with Unicorns. Meditation techniques with unicorns. History of Unicorns and popular beliefs, fact or fiction. Distant and self healing with unicorns. Why are Unicorns here and What is their purpose? Their relationship with Ascended Masters and Archangels. Our Unicorn guides. How Unicorns can help us. The Unicorns friends the elementals. 

Course includes: Full colour course Manual, Practical healing,theory & Master certificate, Gift box

Unicorn Healing Practitioner Certificate which is accepted for insurance purposes with Balens Ltd, Insurance Brokers.

Pegasus Is the leader of the Unicorns. He is very gentle and wise. His energy is extremely powerful which helps remove negative energy with a group of people or a building. Pegasus also helps with doing Unicorn distant healing.

Many horses alive today have unicorn energy within them or they have unicorns helping them, which in turn helps their owners. Some horses are very wise and reliable even though they maybe young, this will mean they have an old soul which is usually a unicorn.

I wanted to share this moving Unicorn video from YouTube http://www.porcelainunicorn.co​m/

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