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Animal Reiki

Healing with Animals


I was fortunate to be born into a spiritual family who believed in spirits. Healing, clairvoyance and psychic mediumship all seemed quite as natural to me as walking and talking. My grandma was very good with animals; she was a farmer’s wife and people would send injured birds and animals to her. I loved animals and from about nine years old I started healing.


When I left school, I became a Veterinary nurse and used my psychic and healing ability to help calm and relax animals; this was especially useful with wild animals that were afraid and which were not used to human contact. In those days it was perfectly legal to give an animal healing but nowadays it’s required to have your vet’s permission first. See my video of me teaching one of my students to do Reiki healing on my horse Monty. (He is closing his eyes and dropping his head - which is amazing especially being he was hungry and he had his haynet nearby.)

My Grand mother was a natural healer, she was a farmer’s wife and many local people sort her help when an injured animal was found. Here she is with a Jay that she nursed back to health.


My Grandmother is one of my spirit guides who comes to me when I need help with an animal, especially when I was a Veterinary nurse, she visited often. Unfortunately she died when I was very young.

YouTube Monty Reiki Gran vetnurse

Me when I was head veterinary nurse. I was nursing for 20 years and have many happy memories. Animals are special as they teach people

how to love and respect each other.


YOUTUBE link to me as a Veterinary nurse on 'Stop Look Listen' children’s programme. check out 4.14 mins, 6.27 mins, 7.53 mins & 9.05 mins.


'Stop Look Listen

Animal Reiki Practitioner course £200 (allow approx. 4 hours)


teach individual or small groups



Learn to give Reiki healing to all animals, by practical hands on healing horses at my local stables.  Even though on this course you will have practical sessions on horses, the same principles can be applied to other animals for example: dogs, cats and birds.

Horses are easier to use to teach new animal healers due to their docile manner and with them being large enough to sense and feel their chakra energy. Rabbits, birds, fish and especially wild nervous animals respond well to Reiki healing.  Permission from animals, Animal Chakras, Animal consent forms with Reiki horse analysis diagram. Legal Requirements, Responsibility of the Veterinary Surgeon & the Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki animal healing certificate. Practical - Visit stables for hands on treatment.

Included: manual, course notes, practical animal healing sessions and Animal Reiki Practitioner qualification certificate.


Additional information

I cover the theory at home first then we travel short distance to the local stables for the practical demonstration.

Sensible flat footwear and suitable clothing advised due to healing being outdoors and in stable.

Bring carrots if you wish, I am sure they will be much appreciated..



Animal Reiki course


Monty going to sleep while having a Reiki treatment.


His eyes are closed, with his head lowered and resting his leg. The ears are drooped as they are relaxed and not listening or alert.

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Some of my many Animal Reiki Students

stu2 stu3 stu1 stu4 stu5

Me giving Reiki treatments

Mont 1 me1 reiki mont Mont orbs

Monty surrounded by spiritual Orbs after I had given him a Reiki healing session.

The horses I was lucky enough to have in my life

Echo sian2 Foxy foxy2 Gabbi1 MeMont

Monty my current horse, enjoying ourselves on the gallop.

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Animal Reiki course is held on a weekday at 1pm to fit in with the horses being brought in from the field.

I teach animal Reiki on the larger animals, the horses because it is easier to sense their energy and chakras. This course also includes how to heal cats, dogs & smaller animals.

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