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Archangel Master Reiki

Following on from the earths vibration uplift of her attunements in and after 2012 new and advance energy is now being channelled to Lightworkers on earth. For the first time every Ascended Masters and Archangels are able to combine their energy to assist Reiki masters. This has been made possible because of the earths vibrational level is higher so Archangels can work closer to the physical earth. Another important factor is Archangel Metatron who was once a human and now is an Archangel. Reiki Masters now can have the shared energy of Archangels and the Masters. Archangel Metatron has asked Ascended Master Sananda to unite his energy with him to create a new Ray called the Opal Healing Ray.

Earth highest vibration

For centuries Archangels have watched over mankind but until now many have remained in the upper etheric levels of heaven. Since the earth attunements throughout 2012 the energy on earth is less dense so many more Archangels have been able to ascend down to help mankind. This means the earth is the highest vibration that is has ever been so for the first time heaven is indeed on earth. The higher vibration now on earth has encouraged more angelic souls to come down to the physical level. The current energy of earth has enabled angelic souls to adapt into a solid form by them becoming human. There are more angel people than ever before with some Lemurian and Atlantian souls returning to a human form.   There are many Archangels with newly appointed ones which have obtained recognition for their help with people; but there are still the main Archangels who mainly help Lightworkers. When a healer is attuned to the Archangels they will have nightly tuition in their dreams from an Archangel. The healer will often have no memory of what has happened, but will develop inner feelings of confidence or wisdom. I have listed a few that I feel are relevant in your spiritual development as an Archangel Master Reiki healer

Archangel Metatron

He is often the first Archangel to council lightworkers attuned to Archangel Reiki. He is chosen as the first one because of his experience of being human when he was the prophet Enoch. He has an understanding of being an Archangel in human form. He is able to advice the lightworker on how to see things form a human and angel perspective. He is very good at solving problems on a personal basis, especially when the person is worried about solving an analytical problem. Metatron enjoys solving issues which seem unsolvable or unobtainable. He gives the healer the confidence to believe everything and anything is possible using your intention. . Metatron is permitted to enter the Ascended Masters domain within the Halls of Learning so he can observe and teach the healer actions with other Lightworkers. Metatron will encourage the healer to have role play dreams where they learn what not to do or what they don’t want by experiencing unpleasant situations. Lightworkers learn by their own mistakes and personal experiences. Metatron is a creator of spiritual protective grids. He teaches the lightworker to use their healing energy in their palms to transform energy into gold beams of light. The lightworkers intention is powerful and he reinforces confidence in using energy to shield against the dark. Metatron is the Chancellor of Heaven and the keeper of the Heavenly archives. He keeps individual records on angelic knowledge gained by the healer who has been instructed by him and other Archangels. Metatron has gained a reputation as having a good sense of humour with a fatherly maturity to encourage people to believe in themselves.

Archangel Gabriel  

Gabriel is the spiritual postman who works with the angelic realm and all people, regardless if they are a lightworker. He listens to their prayers, thoughts and liaises with their Guardian angel by ensuring messages are sent to the right Archangel. Gabrielle heard about the new arrangement so has volunteered to work as a messenger between Archangel Metatron and Sananda. This is the first time a permanent arrangement has been made where Archangel Gabriel has worked directly with an Ascended Master.

Ascended Master Sananda

Ascended Master Sananda was formally known as Jesus. Sananda is a very humble private Light being who often helps healers in the 'back ground'. He works to help all mankind, especially children who have chosen spiritual parents. Sananda helps many light workers in their dreams by conselling them and giving them advise on human and spiritual problems. He is wise and is a very good listener. Sananda is one of the members of the High council and of the Universal Lords. He represents earth on many Universal matters and has an understanding of many Light beings of other worlds.


His previous lives include Adam, Enoch, Jeshua, Joshua, Elijah and Joseph of Egypt. Until recently he was working with Archangel Uriel to bring peace, brotherhood, service and freedom to people. This is another reason Sanada was chosen to help Metatron with his work helping Uriel. Sananda is one the members of the White brotherhood and the Universal Lords he meets often with off planet light worker leaders of other worlds. He is a regular visitor on the Light ship Pegasus where he meets Commander Ashtar of the Light Federation.


Archangel Master Reiki Course



Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Sananda unite their energy working with the new Opal Healing Ray. For the first time Ascended Masters and Archangels are able to combine their energy to assist Reiki masters. This has been made possible because of the earths vibrational level is higher so Archangels can work closer to the physical earth. Use this powerful combined healing to help clients who feel isolated on earth, self-sabotage or spiritually stuck. The Opal Ray works on the Ascension chakra and heart chakra. This healing adapts to your client’s needs, works with special spiritual children and adults who have lost their direction in life. The symbols of Archangel Energy Ascended Master merge to bring in expertise of both beings. This healing is unique & never before been channelled.  


2 part course £160 (£80 per session)


Includes: Gift, full colour manual & Archangel Ascended Master certificate.

Opal Healing Ray

The Opal Ray is a universal translucent vibrational ray which combines Ascended Master and Archangel Energy and alters its frequency continually. The Opal Ray was created with the combined energy of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Source realised with the passing of the earths attunements in 2012 the earth has attracted many beings from other worlds. Many of these beings are positive and friendly, some are not, but all are inquisitive. Even the good intentions of the inquisitive ones can create problems with human’s evolution. Light beings from other planets often wish to help and encourage humans to spiritually evolve quicker. In some cases this is good with Masters and Grand Masters but with the immature spiritual person it is not.

Sense of Failure

A common feeling with many light workers is that they have failed. This emotion often causes depression and low self-esteem. A Light worker can become obsessed with their spiritual work and forget that they are human and that there is life in the physical world. Many become serious and find it difficult to let go and have fun because they are so driven to complete their life’s purpose. Spiritual people who become depressed often meditate and sleep more as they cannot cope with the physical world. The Archangel Master energy helps restore faith in themselves and belief that they have not failed even if as yet they have not completed their life’s purpose.  The combination of the Archangel healing of the soul and the Ascended Master healing of the mind create a powerful ego boost for the individual. This is why the Opal ray works really well on the Heart and Ascension chakras, the healing goes deep to the inner core of many emotional and mental blocks.


Metatron helping Indigo crystal children

Archangel Metatron is also known as the Angel of Ascension. He counsels and watches over spiritual children for example the Indigo and crystal children. Many spiritual parents will have a special child who is demanding attention and may have ADHD or sensitive needs. These children will have chosen their parents as they understood that their soul will learn a great many life lessons. Metatron will have given these special children lessons and guidance prior to them being conceived. Metatron will counsel the child’s souls before they join their mother and continue teaching the foetus in the womb in their dreams. Metatron works especially with sensitive old children souls so they can adapt easier to their new life as a child. Many psychic children at the age of 2 or 3 will briefly remember their past life then the memory will fade when they reach the age of 4. Metatron is like a spiritual grandfather to special children with many children already knowing who he is when their parents mention him for the first time. The children subconsciously will know him well and will feel comfort from his image or hearing his name.

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