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Ascension Course



These workshops include a variety of subjects which I believe will help the student become as one with their Higher Self and hopefully help the individual mature sooner. Each workshop will include practical and theory sessions which are open to discussion so we learn from each other. Many of the subjects will be new to each of you and they will include additional information which will benefit you spiritually and humanly.

Ascension is a soul’s life’s experiences, roles & their oath to complete their existence within the physical & etheric plains. A soul’s purpose is to evolve into a mature being whether it is as an angel into an Archangel, an animal into a Unicorn or a human into an Ascended Master. Ascension is to return to Source, God as a pure being with spiritual & physical maturity.

Akashic records


The Akashic records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence.

The Akasha is said to be the library of all events and responses we encounter in all our lifetimes on the earth plain. The records record our responses, both physical and emotional, for example our kindness, selfishness, compassion, guilt, sadness and love.

Everyone is held to accountable when they die and 'confronted' with their personal Akashic record of what they have or have not done in that life. Before you are allocated a human body you have to go before the Lords of Karma and state what purpose you propose to do on earth. If the Lords of Karma feel your purpose will benefit you and others they will give permission for you to return to earth and your life’s purpose will be recorded in the Akashic records. Not all people will be given a chance to return to earth in the physical but they may have a chance to return as a spirit guide in the spiritual. Spirit guides deeds are recorded in the records as this is relevant for their personal human growth.

The Akashic Records are understood to have existed since the beginning of The Creation.

The Lords of Karma


They are also known as the Brotherhood of Light and the Lords of Karma, keeping track of what you need to balance each lifetime. All souls must pass before the Karmic board (Lords of Karma) before and after each lifetime. The Lords of karma keep records (Akashic records) of each of our lifetimes on earth. They determine who should return to earth and who should stay in heaven to others or as a spirit guide.

Often a group of souls will all return to earth at the same time to continue lessons they did not learn with each other in a previous life – though not necessarily in the same sex or relationship. Many people believe Karma is when something bad happens which is incorrect because karma experiences is good and bad.


The Lords of Karma meet with mature spiritual workers in their dreams twice a year at the winter and summer solstice (this is why manifesting at this time is important). The Lords review petitions (invocations) that have been made and requested by the Masters Apprentices (Reiki Masters). In attendance with the lightworker will be their current Ascended master, who will not be permitted to make a decision but can vouch for their human’s sincerity. The lords of karma have the power and the responsibility of deciding if these requests should be granted.

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Admittance to Halls of Learning


The entrance to the Halls of Learning is heavily guarded not only by human guards (which is a great honour to be chosen) but also by dragons and sometimes dogs or wolves. The entrance doors are massive like my picture above. Inside and when the doors are opened there is a brilliant white pure light which can be blinding at first.

Only Humans, except for Archangel Metatron who has recently become an Ascended Master again are permitted to enter. All humans must have a valid reason to enter and even then they must be accompanied by a senior spirit guide or preferably an Ascended Master. Reasons could be a change in the person’s life whether it is in spirit or in the physical realm on earth. If the reason to seek guidance from the human spirits within is trivial then permission will not be given, in all case an ‘appointment’ must be made.

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Halls of Learning


The halls of learning is a place where all humans go for their life review and to meet their teachers. The Halls of learning looks similar to a cathedral without a roof, when you look up you see stars which looks out into the Universe. At the end of the main corridor is a large vortex which travels up to Source. At the base of the vortex is where the Lords of Karma wait to welcome human souls for their life review or other tasks.

Either side of the main corridor are massive columns which are as wide as a house and many people can stand around them.

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Ascension Course Syllabus  


Session one

Earth Physical & spiritual plain. Earth Etheric energies – Negative & positive vortex Halfway point – spirits recently passed over, airports, pubs, canteen, restaurant Dreams - Lightworkers dreams, Lessons. Meeting Source. Meditation


Session two

Ascension. White Brotherhood. Lords of Karma - Akashic records. Universal Lords. Who is your master? - Are you an apprentice? Spiritual numbers and geometric symbols. Power of seven - 7 layers of the earth, 7 chakras, 7 layers of aura. Mediation


Session three

Spiritual guards – who were they, dogs & other animals. Underworld – he volunteered. Checkers – no man’s land. Rescue work in dreams – open doorways in auric field. Underworld creatures and their purpose. Negative spirits – smells and claustrophobic feelings. Negative doorways in auric field. Negative etheric cordings. Grids – positive & negative. Web energy to encase bad spirit. Meditation


Session four

Psychic defence, Crystal swords, balls of light, silver discs, White light eye projection. Snow & water. Protective roles – seeker, protector, gatherer and watcher... who are you? Recognising negative spirits in your dream state – who do you trust? Travel via vortex using your crown chakra, projecting white light throughout your body. Meditation


Session 5

Walk ins, Guides and souls sharing same experiences – karma, House clearing for clients – protector,

grounder and eradicator, Earth soul, Mirror – who do you see? Meditation


Session 6

Space ships, Commander Ashtar, Time travel, Third dimension, Our Universe, Other worlds. Pyramids – what’s their purpose? Pleadians relationships with the Myans, Asztecs, Incas. History of Myans, Asztecs, Incas. Mediation


Session 7

Pyramids, Pleidians & amphibians proof, Dogon Tribe, proof of alien life - Peruvian skulls, Egyptian spiritual beliefs, Priest & Priestess of Egypt. New & Old Ascended Masters, Ascended master channelling. Meditation


Session 8

Nazca Lines of Peru, what they are for, how were they made, Mandala’s, Sensing Ascended master/Neptune/Reptilian/Gargoyle card energy, auric rupture repair & why it happens, Psychic vampires, vogal wands. Mandala meditation.


Session 9

Runes usages & meanings, Runes practical, dowsing rods history ancient & current day, Practical dowsing

rods, Elemental fairies, Earth gnomes, Fire salamanders, air & water nymphs, sensing energy of the

elements. Meditation


Session 10  

Earth energy lay lines spiritual & earthly purpose, Incarnated angelic/earth angel/elemental/wise

one/star/person, who are the Mystic/Mysticstar/knightsPleidian/Leprechaun/Merperson people & are you

one. Meditation.


….. Sessions Continue ….



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