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                          Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Crystal Healing Courses

Crystal Healing Course £300 (6 instalments at £50)

6 sessions held monthly



In depth course consisting of 6 modules held once a month. Learn the amazing healing power of crystals using many healing techniques. During each session give and receive healing from each other. Attune your energy to the vibration of crystals. Discover how crystals are born, their uses & how they help with meditation. Love your crystals by bringing their energy into your life to heal yourself and others.



Course includes:


.  You will receive a full colour illustrated Crystal Manual

·  Practical crystal healing demonstrations on each session

·  The healer protecting your own energy

·  Importance of disconnection and reclaiming energy

·  Ensuring a comfortable & safe healing environment

.  Client lifestyle & treatment plans

·  Use of crystal wands & crystal grids

.  Crystal pendulum vortex healing techniques

.  Aura, Chakras & Meridians

.  Chakra balancing & alignment

.  Rules of male & female crystal polarity

.  Contra-indications and contra – actions.

.  Importance of consultation forms & confidential

·  CD including client documentation, consent forms, history sheets

.  Therapist healing illustration cards

·  Diploma Holistic Crystal therapy certificate qualification

·  All students will have on-going life time support and mentor-ship by me.


Numbers are limited to 8 people. Students will be required to do treatment plans, home study & assessment throughout the course.


Credited by Balens Insurance Malvern



Advanced Crystal Therapy Course £300 (10 instalments at £30)

10 sessions held monthly


Must have completed Crystal Diploma course or similar


Learn advanced crystal healing techniques, auric grids, and body balancing with wands. Sectional energy, crystal formation layouts. Joining, grouping, pairing crystals. Layline protection. Feng shui & crystals. Energy in rooms, cleanse negative corners, doorways, fireplace. Block negative environmental & human energy, universal energy. Cosmic travel with crystals. Pleadian, Atlantis, Orion, Neptune crystal energy. Soul and physical body healing. Chakra karmic imprint healing. Regulate over active chakra, positive karmic imprint energy techniques. Karmic problem soul trauma areas. Healing crystal & sound, heal physical and soul energy. Access Higher self, Guardian angel and gate keeper energy. Strengthen positive etheric cords, Aura Re-alignment.  Crystals for garden, plants, animals & children. Crystal favourites of the Archangel & Angels, animal power guide. Unicorn wands. Combine crystals with Reiki and other forms of healing. Advanced lightworker Akashic records, Crystal skulls healing & meditation. Crystal altar, crystals for earth, wind, air & fire. Crystal clusters & Geodes.


Course includes:

. Receive a full colour illustrated Crystal Manual

· Practical crystal healing demonstrations on each session

. Advanced intuitive crystal healing techniques

. Body alignment & auric shield enhancement

. Wand negativity removal

. Healing with pendulum pair

. Higher self energy field healing

. Advanced higher vibrational crystals

. Advanced dark enterty removal with crystals

. Healing with crystal skulls

. Past life karmic healing

. Meteorite higher vibrational crystals

.  Advanced Therapist healing illustration cards

·  Advanced Diploma Holistic Crystal therapy certificate qualification

·  All students will have on-going life time support and mentor-ship by me.


Students will be required to do treatment plans, home study & assessment throughout the course.

Credited by Balens Insurance Malvern






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Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

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Crystal Students testimonials


“Crystals are amazing I really enjoyed spending time with Lynda and the others on my crystal course. I love crystals even more now. “


“I enjoyed the crystal course so much that I cannot wait to do the advanced one. Crystals are now a part of my everyone day life”


“Thank you Lynda for showing me many ways I can help myself not just with healing but with how crystals can keep my home happy. My husband and even the cats love the crystals too. “


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt so much, thank you”


“The course was wonderful. I have always liked crystals but I did not realize how much the crystals can do. I can’t get enough crystals, I keep buying more, at least people know what to buy me for presents LOL“.


“I am in crystal heaven since doing the course with Lynda, I recommend anyone to do it”.



The Mayans, Aztecs , Greeks and Egyptians all used crystals in their cultures for healing and communicating with the spirit world. Some cultures believed that crystals held magical powers and because of this priests were the only ones allowed to use the crystals.  Medical prescriptions discovered from the ancient Egyptians times included certain stones (Malachite, Chrysocolla and Hematite etc). These crystals were ground up and sprinkled directly on wounds, and scientists today have proved that it is an effective bactericide.  The ancient Greeks and Roman healers used Hematite for headaches and for blood disorders. But the one common belief was the tremendous potential of healing properties that these stones contained. The actual word crystal comes from a Greek word Crystallos, from “Krysos” meaning “ice cold”, as it was originally thought that crystals were a type of ice that was so cold it would never melt. Crystals are even mentioned in the bible a total of 200 times. In the chapter Exodus the High Priest Aaron was asked by God to make a breast plate from different crystals which he was to wear to protect him from negativity and to give him wisdom.

HEALING session - £40 1 1/2 hrs inc spiritual consultation


I combine Reiki healing with crystals to give clients a relaxing in depth healing experience to promote peace and harmony. With every session I offer spiritual counseling & advice.

With the hectic pressure of daily life many people suffer stress and anxiety which can cause physical and emotional problems.


Healing helps to bring balance and restores physical, emotional and spiritual happiness.  


Benefits of healing


~  Reduces stress  

~  Relaxes the mind

~  Helps with aches & pains

~  Relaxation

~  Pain management

~  Relaxes the worried mind

~  Reduced depression

~  Improves sleep

~  Aids digestion problems

~  Enhanced well-being

~  Stronger self-esteem

~  Reduced side effects from radiation & chemotherapy

~  Strengthens immune system

~  Increase confidence

~  Helps to restore self worth

~  Promotes peace of mind

~  Heightened intuition

~  Energies and balances the physical, mental & spiritual bodies.


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