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Brief history of the drum


Since the dawn of time people from all cultures all over the world, have understood that music, dance, song and ritual are powerful spiritual practices for both health and healing. The ancient rhythms invoke the power of the God and Goddess to heal. Drums are possibly the oldest known instrument used by mankind and it is believed the drum first appeared as far back as 6000 BC.


Drums have been found in China which date back to ancient times. Drums have been used to set a marching beat for soldiers, as well as to motivate soldiers, for thousands of years. A battle between Qi and Lu in ancient times was noted to have a significantly changed outcome because of the use of drums. In ancient Sri Lankan the drums were used as communication between cities or tribes.



Divine Mother Goddess


The first drummers were women their ancient knowledge and wisdom was given to them from the Divine Mother and Goddess.


In Egypt the Goddess was known as Hathor, Isis, and Sekhmet.  In Sumerian, Syro – Palestinian, and Cypriot cultures she was called Inanna, Ishtar, Anat, Aphrodite.


In Asia Minor, Crete, Greece and Rome she was known as Cybele, Rhea, and Demeter, Artemis and Persephone to name but a few.


Shamanic Drumming


In shamanism, the drum is used for two basic purposes: to shift your state of consciousness or to cleanse or realign energy. When the shaman wants to travel on a mediation journey they use the drum to shift to a different state. The healer shaman uses the drum to open their spiritual awareness so they can see their client’s energy where there is damage or weakness.


The shaman also uses the drum to call in the power animal spirit guides.  The shaman drumming can be used to shift dark energy or unwelcome spirits. By using the rhythm of the drum to increase vibration, which dissolves dark matter and also cleanses the surrounding environment. The drum can be used to bring in positive energy to the client and at the same time lift away any negative energy.


The drumming encourages the natural healing process of the body to repair its self by realigning the chakras and aura. With an experienced drummer they can control the energy of the drum beat to do many tasks.


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Drumming workshop £20.00  


An evening of practical & theory of drumming with Jayne & Lynda.

Discover the powerful ancient healing sound of the drum.

Learn ways to use the drum and create unique sounds.

Find out how the drum uses its energy to become personal to you.

Drumming practical exercises to cleanse and energise the physical & Spiritual body. Learn about the drums connection to the earth mother and father spirit in a Fire Rainbow meditation.


Spend an evening of spiritual awakening.  


Includes: Course folder, Practical & theory, attendance certificate



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Drumming video

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