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How many spirit guides do I have?

This will depend on your interests and the stage of your development. People attract guides of the same interests and desired skills. If you are an accountant you would attract guides who are good with figures. Doctors and nurses usually have guides with healing qualities. Then as you learn new skills your guides may be replaced with ones that are useful to you at that time in your development. Some people have been known to have 700 plus guides helping them. Eventually as you progress and gain more knowledge about psychic you will have less guides and the ones you have will be multi-skilled.

If you and your guides decide to progress to a higher development level within the psychic world and when you have reached this level, you may only end up with one or two guides who are experienced in many domains.



What do guides do?

Guides have many functions, some are observers and have no responsibilities, they are just there to learn from you and your experiences. Others have a highly active role; this may be helping you develop your healing or communication skills. When you first start you will have guides who are only able to do one or the other function, then as you become accustomed to their teachings you may have a guides who can do both. Guides have various stages of responsibility, some have mundane tasks to perform, for example, escorting spirits who wish to communicate with us or assist the others with their healing work.

Guides roles and their duties are so vast and numerous. Some guides duties are to help protect us from harm and to watch over us when we sleep.


Do we all have guides?

Yes, everyone has guides, regardless if they have any psychic ability or not. Guides are extremely patient and they will wait a life time if they have to, until that person is ready to accept their teachings. If the person has a lot of human problems or the person is uncomfortable with anything of a spiritual nature, they will respect that person’s views and not intrude or wait for them to be ready. The Golden Rule of the Higher Realms is permission; they are not allowed to interfere unless they are invited. Some guides may be eager for you to ask them for help and they feel powerless to help you unless you ask them to.


What do guides look like?

Just like us, mostly. They have the same characteristics as they did when they were on earth and their personality remains the same. Some guides will be serious and others have a great sense of humour.

There are other guides who step in when we reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness. They come from different time frames and other homes and not always from earth.


Will I be able to see my guides?

Your psychic guides will find it difficult to show themselves to you and you are more likely to sense them, they will find a way of communicating with  you.  Spirit guides will have the capacity to show themselves to you so you will be able to see them with your physical eye, though this is rare. The last thing your guides will want to do is to alarm you, not all people are comfortable seeing spirits.


How do I talk to my guides?

Your guides can hear your thoughts, so you do not have to talk out loud to them. They have an advantage to us, in that they know what we are thinking, sometime before we do. When you have reached the stage of communicating with spirits and you want to talk with them, they will be unable to hear your thoughts, so your will need to talk out loud to them. You can also use a pendulum, by asking them to show you a swing for a YES and then a NO. I sell crystal pendulums ranging from £10 to £20 (silver topped ones), if you would like me to send you one please let me know.


If I want to know more where do I go?

Your guides will be teaching you on a daily basis during your sleep state or in meditation. Your guides require you to be in a state of relaxation and not to have any distractions. Ask your guides to help you and they will assist you to meditate and become fully switched off to the outside world. Your guides will be your main teachers and they are able to control your education and to what level you will go depending on how comfortable you feel. You may reach a stage where you require support from like-minded people; your guides will help you to seek out either a clairvoyant who has psychic master teacher guides or a development group. If you want to know more please contact me and we will be willing to help you.


How will I know my guides are with me?

Your guides will have different ways of letting you know they are with you. How they do this will depend on you and how comfortable you are with communicating with them. It could be something subtle, like a tingling on your crown chakra (the top of your head), it feels like ants gently walking over your head. You may experience a ringing in your ears or you may feel pressure in your head, the same sensation when you are on an aeroplane. Dreams and meditation are good ways for your guides to talk with you. You will experience these sensations because for communication between the spiritual world and ours we need to meet in the middle. The spiritual world is on a higher frequency to us, so they have to lower their vibrational level and increase ours.


When your guides have built up a link and they start to communicate with you in your head, telepathically, you then need to learn which are their messages and which are yours. This is difficult to learn and there is no easy way to do this except practice and a lot of patience. This is something no one can teach you, except your guides.



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What is Clairvoyance ?

This is seeing and hearing spirits thoughts.


What is Clairsentience?

This is when you can sense spirits and you use your intuition.


What is Clairgustance?

You are able to smell psychic scents, some spirits will send you a  smell so they are easily recognised.


What is Clairaudience?

This is when you hear  your guides and spirits with your own ears. This is for people who are in a higher development stage with their guides.


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