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Master Reiki 3rd Degree

The uniqueness of Reiki masters, as opposed to other Masters, lies in the fact that they are not part of any ‘superior organisation’. They are their own Masters, and they are motivated by the desire to transmit Reiki in the world, and to help many other people by transmitting and teaching it.

The Master attunement intensifies your karmic energy and helps you to release old promises and obligations that are no longer apparent. When a person becomes a master they are ‘reborn’ and change in the way they feel and their life’s purpose becomes more apparent. The master attunement changes a person so they become more focused and have direction in their life, so they can move forward.

Many people when they decide to become a Reiki master have had a life change or are going through one. Some feel it is time to find out who you really are and what will truly make you happy. Life is for living and even our bad experiences have made us into who we are today and that is why we love ourselves and proud of what we have become.

The new master often will be a lot calmer, self-assured and less likely to get angry as they see things as happening for a reason and personal positive challenges rather than negative. Many masters make the vow to no longer take ‘second best’ and to stand up for what they believe and know in their heart to be right.


Reiki Master Guides

Reiki Master Guides will join the Reiki healer before their Master attunement often as soon as the person has stated their intention to do a Master course. Master guides will introduce themselves in either a dream or a meditation. The Master guide’s purpose is to prepare the person for Master status by accessing the maturity of the person by giving them tests. These tests are in ‘real’ life situations and also during dreams they will manifest lessons, these lessons are often to do with honesty, patience, respect for self and others with many more lessons.  When the person has passed these lessons they are permitted to have the attunement. I believe if the person is not ready and they have failed the lessons then the person will be poorly or their car break down etc. so unable to attend to do the Masters course and receive the master attunement. The Universal laws are very strong which are overseen by the Lords of Karma and they will grant permission for a person to awarded Master privilege from love and not as an egoistic status. The Lords of Karma have the ability to ‘close’ a Master down if the person is using their status as a Master for self-gain or ego. It is a privilege to be a Master or Grand Master with the person carrying the Light to others.

To become a Master is often instigated by the person’s main Life guide, they will know when the healer is mature enough and ready to become a Master. The Life guide will need to obtain approval from an Ascended Master who is will to accept the healer as their pupil. The Ascended master may refuse by suggesting another Ascended Master who might be more suitable for the healer to start their journey. The Ascended Master who is willing to take on the healer will be only agree if the healer has successfully passed and completed their life lessons. The chosen Ascended Master will be present at the healer’s Master attunement ready to accept their new pupil. The new Master will visit nightly the Ascended Masters spiritual retreat in their dreams where often there will be no memory of what has happened when they awake. The new Master will learn various skills with their Ascended Master and when they have completed their term of learning will then be accepted by another Ascended Master. Approximately every 6 months the Master healer’s energy will alter as they are taken on by another Ascended Master and they begin working with them.


The four main Ascended Masters that take on new ‘human’ Masters are:


Ascended Master Sananda (Jesus)

Teaches - healing techniques, compassion for children, human growth in life lessons

Healing energy feels like – gentle waves across the palm (like a pencil rolled across the palm)


Ascended Master Buddha

Teaches – Wisdom, silencing the mind, kindness to all

Healing energy feels like – warm and spongy


Ascended Master Kuthumi (St Francis of Assis)

Teaches – animals healing, Respect, free will

Healing energy feels like – warmth and heavy energy


Ascended Master Quan Yin

Teaches – healing techniques, tolerance, patience, spiritual business

Healing energy feels like – gentle pins & needles


Level Three - Reiki Master Qualification - £180

(To qualify you must be practicing Reiki as a Reiki practitioner for at least 6 months)


This level of Reiki training is for students who have completed levels one and two. Master level Reiki is a higher vibrational healing to help release karmic imprints. Many Reiki Masters advance to healing with hands off working in the auric field of the client. Master students often have life changing experiences where they no longer take second best and accept who they are. Reiki masters have chosen to channel Reiki to a higher degree so they can heal with the Ascended Masters.  


Course includes:

·   Student will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Master Manual

·   Understanding karma health issues and Reiki healing the past.

·   Advanced chakra system.

·   Meeting your Ascended Master and master healing guide.

.   Responsibility of a Master healer.

.   Space clearing and soul releasement.

·   Channel and sense Ascended Master energies.

·   Healing with different Ascended Master types.

·   Working with Master symbols the traditional and modern.

·   Meditate with the master symbol to prepare for Attunement.

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 3

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Third Degree Certificate qualification.

·   You will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki.

·   Students will be given Free Ascended Master Meditation cards.

·   Included in the course a free congratulations complimentary gift .  

·   All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.

Ascended Master Teachers

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Past experiences have made you into the person you are today.

Looking back all you good and bad deeds you have learnt a valuable lesson.

Use your lessons wisely to help others see the error of their ways.

Teach others how to love and respect each other’s opinion even if this is to agree to disagree.

Let go of the past the future has not been written yet.

Enjoy what you have by treasuring every moment.

See the good in all situations and you will learn to let go and just be as with yourself.

Always be kind to yourself, love and laugh often.

Dance in the rain and walk barefoot in the sand.

I have just completed My  Level 3 Reiki Master Healer with Lynda and I highly recommend it. The  course has an informative manual and video, Lynda then attuned me from a  distance at a prearranged time. Wow my attunement was so powerful and  amazing. If you are already a level 2 Reiki healer definitely do this  course with Lynda, she is amazing.

Reiki Master on line course £100