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The Angelic Realm work with their intuitive feelings to help us in our daily lives. Many people struggle to listen to their instinct and inner thoughts so will only listen to logic. With the help of Archangel Metatron the angels have found a way to give their messages to people and that is to use numbers.


Numbers are often logical messages from the angels, especially if the same numbers keep appearing. By taking note of what numbers you keep seeing you can decipher the message from your angels.


I am not an expert of numerology but on this page I have put my thoughts on what I feel each number might represent.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 angel numbers

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Number 1

Start afresh, rebirth, new beginnings, creation, independence, motivation, inspiration, motivation and hope. Look within, what do you really want and need to have a happy contented life. Be honest create changes for you and stop putting others first.

Trust the angels to help you see the truth and help your Higher Self release negative influences in your life. The Universe is creating life experiences to help you decide what you do not want so you can focus on what you do want.

Go with the flow by believing everything happens for a reason.


Number 2  

Harmony, balance, calm, acceptance, faith, adaptability, patience and trust.

Trust in yourself that what you do is for the good of all. Family, friends, partners are all connected to Divine purpose. Diplomacy and loving thoughts brings understanding and harmony to relationships.  

Often relates to a life’s lesson that you have to have patience in knowing the angels are working towards clearing a life’s pathway.



Number 3  

Manifesting, Intuitive, common sense, communication, abundance, take notice, life purpose and awakening. This number very powerful protective energy of the Ascended Masters. Archangel Metatron works with this number often to indicate pyramid protective energy needs to be placed around home or work place.

Sometimes show this number when you won’t listen so the number 3 is often a shout to pay attention. It can also be that you have chosen wisely and are protected.




Number 4  

Endurance, determination, steadfast, devotion, loyalty, high morals, respectability, honestly, integrity, discipline, focus on goal.  

Number 4 resonates with the Archangels and Goddess Isis.  

Elementals use this symbol when invoking the Pentagram, invoking the energy of Air, Earth, Fire & Water.

Don’t give up, hard work will be rewarded. Keep on going, you have chosen correct path, your strength in mind will help you achieve what you desire. Stay focused.



Number 5

Liberty, choices, freedom, surrender, peace, fun, vitality, compassion, confidence and positive decisions.  

Just be you, go with the flow, follow your intuition, your feelings and not you mind. Your heart will lead you were you need to be, have confidence in what your feelings tell you.  Allow the angel within you to take you where you need to be.

5 Sometimes indicates open vortexes, spiritual doorways or portals which require deactivation & new one installed with protective guards.




Number 6  

Logic, problem solving, material needs, safety, foundation, teaching, balance and harmony, protection, justice and justice, conscientiousness, and seeing clearly.  

Take stock of your life, use your logical mind to calculate and plan what you can or can’t do. Change what is in your power to change or plan ahead to what can be done in the future.  

Sometimes shown when you need to change something quickly as what you are doing or what is happening in your life will do you harm. For example stressful job or unhappy relationship.

If person feels warm claustrophobic feeling when they see the number 6 it means call in protection immediately, also a dark portal maybe active.

6 is a number not to be ignored if good feeling it means don’t be lazy, have confidence in what you need to do, if bad feeling them call in Archangel Michael.




Number 7  

Mystic, spiritual, secrets, inner knowledge, natural healer, wise soul, good luck, positive outcome and wise choice.  

Heavenly protection and admiration, what you are doing has been approved by Higher Realms. Heavenly encouragement for you to continue to grow spiritually and angels support you in what you do.  

Often shown to encourage spiritual people to have confidence and open up more or accept healing guidance.

7 is a strong manifesting number, ask for what you need & help will be sent in many forms to assist you.



Number 8  

Accountability, inner strength, authority, confidence, inner-strength, success, prosperity, giving and receiving, self-reliance, the ego, compassion and achievements.

The karma number, what you do to others or yourself will repeat till lesson is learnt or resolved. What goes around comes around, Life experiences will return to giver, do a good deed and it will be repaid.  

Sometimes this number is shown to make you take notice that you are stuck in a rut or to trust the good you have done will be replenished.





Number 9  

Leader, lightworker, destiny, defender of the weak, self-love, magnetism, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance and sympathy.  

Shepherd by leading others by good example. Mind, body & soul in unified alliance.

Often shown to reaffirm you are in, or will be in a happy positive situation so you are able to support and guide others.    

9 can mean well don’t, you have achieved what you need to do to complete your life purpose. Doors opening, new spiritual opportunities, dreams more relevant, Master energy activated.





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