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Orgone Generators


Even though Orgone generators are not a crystal, I felt they be useful to include because many healers use them in their work. Crystals feel ‘happy’ when an Orgonite is near them.


Wilheim Reich called vital energy found in nature, Orgone and that is where the word orgonite comes from.  Orgonite generators come in different shapes and sizes. Their purpose is to convert icons in the atmosphere and to cleanse stagnant energy to create a strong defense against negative energy. They have the same cleansing ability as the salt lamps. Orgonite is a mixture of catalyzed fiberglass resin with metal shavings, crystals, and essential oils, high vibration organic materials poured into molds. Often gold and copper are used to create stronger energy of the pyramid. The resin in orgonite shrinks as it cools which permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside to create a positive energy generator. Many are made by infusing each one with Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, Trinity energy and any high vibrational energy that they are guided to use. Many lightworkers are attracted to Orgonites as they enhanced connection to spirit guides, archangels, ascended master and Pleadian off planet beings.

Scientists discovered that when placing an orgone generator in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant it reduced the size of the effect of the orgone field that surrounds all nuclear reactors. An orgonite pyramid can also neutralize the harmful energy field which surround Microwave cell phone towers and many other centers of negative energy. Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence of orgone generators and sleep better when an Organite is in the room.  Some people have noticed that plants grow more healthly and the atmosphere is better at work. 

Orgonite Power


The copper helps to keep the ‘trapped’ crystals energized with their energy bouncing off each other. Many Orgonites are expensive because the take many hours to make with each layer taking approx. The ones I make take 3 days to set.

Orgonite Benefits


Healing – physically, mentally and spiritually.  Removes stagnant areas and blockages when clearing negative energy.


Positive attitude - creating a positive atmosphere within homes and at work.  Relationships with family and co-workers improve.


Remember dreams - dream recall is easier as the conscious mind holds onto the memory of the dream. A favorite with spiritual people so they can record their spiritual dream experiences.


Better sleep - sleeping is deeper with the energised environment in the bedroom. It has been known to cure insomnia.


Meditation – ensures energy is kept positive so meditation is more intense.


Protection – helps to keep unwanted negative spirits away, by creating a positive atmosphere.


Electronic pollution – replenishes and transforms negative particles which are polluting the air, for example microwaves, mobile phones, computers, TV, radio and alarms.


Increase spirituality – spirit guides, angels and light beings able to channel messages easier without the disruptions of less radio waves interference.


Enhance healing – healing is more intense as atmosphere is less dense.


Cleaner water.  Water tastes better and healthier.

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Orgonites Pyramid


My favourite is the Organite pyramid as I believe this is the strongest with the pyramid natural ability to channel energy into a laser point.

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Wrapping the wire around a crystal increasing the energy of the crystal as well as keeping the crystal ‘safe’. Crystals enclosed within a orgonite do not require cleansing, clearing or charging, the orgonite does that for them.


The Rose quartz orgonite pyramid (picture below) has a master quartz within the spiral at the top. Difficult to see in the photo. The Master quartz (clear) ensures the strong energy is continuous, never ending.