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Psychic course


PSYCHIC COURSE "working with your Angels & spirit guides"

monthly class consisting of 6 sessions £120.00 (6 instalments at £20)


Learn how to work with your spirit guides & angels. Discover more about them.



Beginners, intermediate & advanced 6 monthly courses. Intensive practical course with Meditation, protection and grounding, developing psychic ability and intuition, dowsing, orbs, spirits guides, angels, gate keeper guide,  meet your teacher or life guide, energy fields, clearing, etheric cordings, psychic attack, karma and past life experiences, channel messages and thoughts, clairvoyance, mediumship skills, using psychic tools, learn how to do psychic writing & drawings. Channel pictures and objects from your guides. Safely use Tarot cards & angel cards. Develop and sense your 3rd eye. Guide’s personalities & their roles. Guides at work, rest and play. Mischievous spirits. Learn & develop your Kundalini energy.    


Course includes:

·  You will receive a full colour illustrated Manual

·  Practical demonstrations working with your intuitive senses

.  Develop basic skills in clairvoyance and mediumship

.  Discover how to safe guard your home with guarded portals

.  Learn importance of protecting your energy from others

.  Understand the need to anchor your energy

.  Sense colour how this effects your moods

. Work with pendulums to develop a connection to guides & angels

.  Sense different types of spiritual energy

.  Gain confidence in taking ownership of life changes

. Work with Archangels & Ascended Masters & learn their basic roles

.  Develop trust & confidence with guides & angels

.  Session meditations for personal spiritual development

. Understand safe negativity removal in home & self

· Students will be awarded a workshop attendance certificate

· All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.  


Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

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Working with your angels & spirit guides


Angels give us intuitive feelings and spirit guides help with logical thought. Our Guardian angels watches over our soul and gives us guidance from above. Spirit guides and angels do not wish to alarm you or make you feel uncomfortable, they wish to become your friends and to help you in anyway they can. The first thing they will need from you is permission for them to step forward and to make themselves known to you. This can be you indicating permission by saying, if only I knew there was life after death, or I wonder what happens when you die or by you going to a psychic fair or seeing a clairvoyant or medium. Many guides will encourage you to go to a Medium so they can give you messages that they want to help you. Some people are fortunate to hear spirit and are able to connect with their guides relatively easily; this is not always the case for most people. Spirit guides are able to connect with a person and use the person as a channel, the secret is the person realising that their guides are doing this. People are too eager to pass off any psychic paranormal activities as a co-incidence or imagination. People have since an early age had to rely on their logic and are encouraged by their elders to analyse their actions and those of other people. So it is quite understandable that most people find it hard to connect or even acknowledge life after death.  


More people are beginning to understand that there are other energies within this world we live in and that there is evidence to support this. Men find it more difficult than women to come to terms with psychic awareness, but over the last couple of years, more and more men are admitting they have had encounters with the ‘other side’. This braveness of men has come about because we are all exposed to many alternative therapies and our ways of thinking has changed. Spirit guides are extremely patient and have been waiting for a long time before they have felt the earth population is ready to receive guidance and instruction from the Higher Realms. There are more people who have psychic ability than there has been before; this is because the earth and its inhabitants are moving into a new era following the earth attunements in 2012.


Years ago a person who have been burnt at the stake or drowned for suggesting that spiritual beings existed. Guides & angels will introduce themselves to a person in a subtle way so as not to alarm or frighten the individual that they have come to help. This first meeting may be something as gentle as a smell or a tingling sensation around the head or shoulders. This greeting will be repeated on several occasions so that the person eventually realises that it cannot be a co-incidence and that it is something spiritual. Your guides will persist and will not cease unless they sense the person is frightened then they will wait and start over again so the person is reassured.  Many times a person’s guides will encourage the individual to see a medium or clairvoyant so they can be introduced and the person has time to come accustomed to the idea. Another reason a person’s guides will encourage a meeting with a clairvoyant is so the individual is reassured in someone else company and they are not alone when they are first introduced. It can take years for a person to feel comfortable with their guides and for them to gain confidence to learn how to communicate and to work with them. Some people learn quicker than others and it is a partnership where both sides learn from each other.


Angels and spirit guides will build up a persons confidence so they gain trust and become friends. Angels and spirit guides will often predict what the person will do in any situation and can offer support; sometimes without the person realising it.  All the time the partnership will be learning from each other and depending on what the person is doing will depend on how their guides will react. If the person is relaxing and watching television the guides might play with the person’s hair, by gently touching the hair so as to give the person the sensation that ants are walking on their scalp. Many healers and clairvoyants recognise this sensation, as it is the way guides attract the attention of the individual that they are helping.


During the psychic course you will be having help from your main guide, which you meet on session 2 of the course. Your main guide often joins you before you were born but does not make themselves know to you in your dreams when you are 7 years old. Your main guide is the one who teaches you and instructs other guides. Your guardian angel and you main guides work as a team by deciding what you do spiritually. Spirit guides often use their ability to talk using our human mind voice and help with analytical problems.


The psychic course is divided into 3 levels, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


Course students Testimonials


“Long may the sessions continue. Lynda has been superb during the sessions. She has put them in a way that is easy to understand and always there to help me”


“Thank you Lynda. I have built up my confidence with spirit and have met some lovely people on my course. Cannot wait to return on the next one”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course it has given me the energy and faith to help myself and others”


“Have enjoyed every minute. Being someone who felt fairly nervous and unsure, I have felt very comfortable with the whole course and will definitely continue”


“I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynda for being my spiritual teacher”


“A very enjoyable beginners course and I cannot wait until the next course”


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt so much, thank you”


“Very enjoyable. Nice group of people. Very peaceful & relaxed. Given me much more hope and my threes words – peace, power, confidence”


“I hope more people can get the opportunity to go on this course”


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How to use a pendulum


Look on my YouTube channel link

How to use a pendulum pendulum

Dowsing with a pendulum

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Male Pleadian spirit guide


Neptune & Pleadian spirit guides


Female Pleadian spirit guide

NASEEM edited Paul

Paul my Life guide

I starting seeing him when I was 5 or 6 years old standing at the bottom of my bed – he was always smiling.


Naseem my Teacher guide

He is always serious with smiling eyes. Naseem is responsible for instructing spirit guides of my students.



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Past life experiences have helped you to become a compassionate and caring person. Every one you meet teaches many life lessons. What you have done in the past will be your foundation for the future.


FOUNDATION COURSE – the Psychic course is the course I would recommend for everyone. The course covers the basics of spiritual safety and spiritual wellbeing, which is important when the individual is beginning their spiritual journey.

Introduction to Psychic