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                          Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Online Video Psychic course

Lynda Bourne School of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Crystal Cottage, 19 Duncalfe Drive, Sutton Coldfield, West Mids B75 5EX.

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6 sessions each with tutor video explaining format with exercises to do in the comfort of your own home. The course can be done at your pace as you will have access to each video with accompanying workbooks.

It is advisable for the student to have a crystal pendulum.

The Psychic online video course format:

• I will show you how to contact your angels & spirit guides & receive messages

• You will learn how to anchor your energy to help relax & be calm in stressful situations.

• I will show you how to protect your home & yourself from negative energy.

• You will learn how to use colours to shield you & your home from negative people who drain you

• I will explain how to create guarded spiritual portals to use help grounded spirits.

• I will show you different ways to sense & feel your spirit guides & angels.

• Develop confidence in your psychic ability to help yourself & others.

• You will learn different ways to use a pendulum sensing individual spirits, angels & animal power guides.

• I will explain how to use a pendulum to balance chakras & realign your aura, so you feel energised.

• Learn different spirit guide groups & their purpose.

• Sense & feel your Guardian angel & Archangel energy.

• How to use your intuition to decipher messengers using Tarot cards & visual prompts.

• Each session has a video accompanying the class workbook explaining content. 6 classes in total.

• Video - Crystals & how they help Psychic Communication.




‘working with spirit guides & angels’

The courses include:


• course class video’s (one for each class)

• Video on Crystal uses for Psychic awareness

• 6 workbooks (one for each class)

• Tutor full lifetime access

•Certificate of Completion


Introduction to Psychic

Video distant learning course in the comfort of your own home. There is no time limit as to when you need to complete the course as you can watch the videos as often as you like.

The course fees


level 1 - Beginners £60

level 2 - Intermediate £60

level 3 - Advanced £60




I have made theses video courses for distant students to do in the comfort of their own home. The courses are ideal with people who have busy lives because you can take as long as you wish to complete them.


The course contents are emailed to you & consists of 6 parts with each having a video recorded live of me explaining each class. With every class there are workbooks for you to do at your leisure. The workbooks include diagrams and exercises to do in your own time.


I offer support to all students throughout their learning.


The Psychic foundation course has three levels, Beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Psychic Video course Student Testimonial - I have just completed the foundation psychic on line study course with the lovely Lynda. The videos are clear and informative and are supported with a detailed and well written course manual. Lynda is so knowledgeable and has helped me build my confidence in my psychic and intuitive abilities. It was great to be able to work on the course at my own pace and fit it in around my other commitments. Lynda was there for support if I needed her. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the next level. I highly recommend this course and Lynda as she is a kind soul and an amazing tutor.