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Past Life Regression course


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Regression client testimonials


The main thing is I feel great, and alot of questions about myself have been answered. I could write a book giving you all the details, but everyday when I wake up I feel something new.  Maria - West Midlands


My social life seems to be buzzing. Something strange is definitely happening. Its as if a block that has kept me stuck for so long has removed, and lots of new and exciting things are coming into my life.

San - Sutton Coldfield


Even though I never felt different after the Regression, things around me are happening, all of them positive and for the better. Sue - Sutton Coldfield


During the Regression Lynda got me to talk about my experiences during a meditation and we visited some of my past lives. It felt strange to sense and feel myself as a man and then a woman, but Lynda kept talking to me all the time, which made me feel safe and excited at the same time.

Its hard to explain, but I feel different and more sure of myself since the session with Lynda. Many things have happened and so much for the better. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can recognise a pattern in this life, which I have brought with me from my previous lives. Its amazing how different I feel, I can't thank Lynda enough.    Jane - Lichfield



Past Life influences

Are you fed up with making the same life mistakes? Do you keep making the same life choices without learning your lesson? Maybe it is time to change by letting go of the past? Experiences in past lives will have an effect on your current life now. What have you brought with you when you were a knight, witch, pilgrim or servant? Have you made promises & oaths you were unable to keep. The Past Life regression courses teaches you how to help yourself & others.



Past Life Regression course £180 (6 instalments at £30)

6 sessions held monthly



Develop skills to enhance your life and others through removing past negative karma and decipher spiritual image messages. Using meditation the client's regression experience has positive and happy outcome by using Rescript and Futurise techniques. The client feels happier because they are released by past life promises, oaths or pledges.

Your Guides, angels and your loved ones in spirit use visual images to give you comfort and advice. Discover how visual objects and situations have a hidden message. Learn the ancient skill of regression meditation therapy and its implications in helping the person move forward by letting go of past hurt and karma in this and previous lives. Develop your instinct in trusting your visual and psychic senses to understand the significance of the vision. Gain confidence and develop techniquics so you can help yourself, friends, family and clients. Insurance and legal responsiblilities.


The course includes Practical & theory sessions, work folder, & Past life Regression  certificate


Students required to keep a meditation or dream record journal and do practical in class regression sessions. Assessment throughout the course.

Advanced Regression course

£20 per monthly session total 10 sessions  


Further develop skills to alter negative beliefs, learnt behaviour and heal fears or phobias through regression meditation.  


Practical and theory during each session. Library of the mind, why regression helps people Who are negative, identifying turning and shut down points, healing physical problems with regression, Inhibitors, accessing secrets, insecurities, soul importance, suppressed ascended master, Current issues, phobias, learnt behaviour, instinct or parental imprints dissolved, gain control, reclaim power, other people’s influences. Saboteurs or spies exposed, who to trust, handling the death experience, Lemurian,  Current friends from past lives, Familiar faces, regress to a famous figure from the past, Family member roles reversal, Inner child regression, Atlantis, Askashic records, Lords of karma, Book of Life, Recognising and overcoming attachment to the body at death, Visiting other worlds, meet the Pleadian, Orion, Neptune lightbeings, Counsel Friends and family in dreams or meditation regression, resolve current issues. Back to your roots, foetus, rebirth, Meeting Source our creator, White Brotherhood.


Regression prompt cards given at each session.


Client individual Regression session

Clients has the choice to either sit in a chair or lie on a therapy couch so they are able to go into a deep meditation. I talk throughout to the client by asking questions and I lead them into a mediation where they use their imagination. I sometimes use crystals to help the client relax and go into deep meditation. I sit near the client so I can talk to the client throughout the guided mediation regression session. I also write down notes which the client can keep as their personal record of their regression experience.


Session cost

The regression therapy usually lasts an hour and my fee is £50 per session.


Please be advised

I will not do regression for anyone who is feeling depressed or has low energy. If this is the case then I would suggest a healing session first to remove as much negative energy prior to a regression session.

Past Life Regression individual session or course booking form 

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Past Life Regression Courses

Past life Regression session is where we visit good & bad karma experiences to help you in your life purpose now. I will help you to prescript and futurise past life events so you can let go and move on with your life.