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Shadow work healing

What is Shadow work healing?


Shadow work is healing the emotional trauma in the subconscious mind, which is buried deep within the soul. The root of many emotional problems like low self-esteem, feeling unloved and self-sabotage. People often think they are undeserving by putting themselves down or allowing others to take their power.


Emotional wounds are commonly created in childhood where the person has been bullied at school or had controlling parents or elders. Sometimes these wounds are from ancestral, society or cultural beliefs. In many societies people are taught to supress their feeling by portraying they are strong. I believe suppressing emotions can lead to stress and low self-respect from self and others.


An emotional pattern which a person has had since childhood will affect the adult unless healing of some form has been done. A person will often choose a partner who is a role model from someone in their past. An abusive childhood may make the adult feel they deserve punishment so will chose someone with traits they are familiar with. Many of people will become deeply effected in their lives by unhealed experiences from childhood where they did not get their needs met. Often the person learned to not show their emotions because they were taught that they weren’t deserving of the things they wish for: love, respect, affection and their opinion valued.


The healing may not be pleasant as the person must face their dark past, their shadows to cleanse the emotion attached to the imprint or learnt behaviour. For the person to be loved and feel whole often means facing their demons to confront injustice, this is where the healing will help ease the journey into the past.


Shadow work healing process


I will provide support throughout the healing process by helping the person deal with any emotional issues that arise. The person will not be alone to face their shadows as I will give spiritual guidance at each healing session.


The Shadow work healing journey is often a series of healing sessions, it will depend on the individual and how many shadows they have to deal with. The minimum is sometimes 4 or 5 healing sessions, with the first 3 held every 10 days then longer periods between each session. Some clients take longer up to a few months or even a year, the person needs time to come to terms with each shadow, so it is again dependant on the person.

Shadow work key steps are:


1.The person must be ready and willing to see the healing journey through.

2.Be prepared there will be dark times where crying or emotions will come to the surface.

3.There will be sadness and often anger which will test the person as they progress through the healing course.

4.Learn to accept who you are now and in the past by forgiveness of past events.

5.Parents, elders, society and friends all have their shadows to bear. Do not take on others trauma, heal your own and allow them to deal with theirs.

6.Change will happen as healing progresses, accept that the lifestyle might change as they become who they truly are.

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Shadow work healing fee


Block booking of 5 healing sessions, ONE HEALING SESSION Free, total £160 payable at first session. (Normally £200)



* Required

To arrange healing sessions message me using the booking form. Please indicate at time of booking that it is for Shadow work.


Block booking of 5 healing sessions, ONE HEALING SESSION Free, total £160 payable at first session. (Normally £200)




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