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Shell & Master Dolphin Reiki


Many of us love the Ocean and its rejuvenating energy of the sea. The Ocean covers a large part of our planet and it has natural healing properties with its vibrational power and magnitude. The sea, beach and air around the ocean has natural cleansing ability, the salt within the air, the beach which you walk on, all have purifying properties to remove negative emotions and help heal.


The seashells are a physical part of the Ocean and have been born within its depths, so they are very special and unique. They are beautiful to hold with their vibration having a serious role in healing our planet, mother earth. Next time you see a shell, hold it for a while and see how it 'speaks' to you with its energy.

For many years the Hawaiians studied healing and they encouraged any of their children who showed the natural gift of healing. The Hawaiians believed the mind, body and soul of a person were all interlinked and the physical body could not be healed without healing the spirit of the person. One of the healing methods they used was seashells, by placing them on the person to restore spiritual and physical health.


Seashells have the natural ability to disperse negative energy. Due to their home being the Ocean which is concentrated in sea salt. The shells have a protective base in which negativity finds hard to penetrate. Shells can harness and enhance Reiki healing with their size, shape and structure. Seashells have gentle but thorough healing energy which works with the healer to cleanse, balance and harmonise chakras and the aura.

Sea shell healing can be used to compliment most Reiki healing techniques and crystal healing. Dolphin Reiki is the shells favourite due to dolphin wave energy being similar to the shells natural home the sea. Dolphin Reiki has a wave energy which is able to pulsate throughout the body to remove negative energy and blockages. Dolphin healing works on people’s emotions, phobias and karmic issues. The Dolphin Master Reiki energy combined with seashell healing is an uplifting experience.

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Shell healing & Dolphin Master Reiki course

2 part course £160 (£80 per session)


Using Dolphin Reiki energy and the ancient shell healing of the Hawaiians to clear blockages in a gentle and natural way. Seashells resonate with the body’s vibration to clear, balance and realign energy. Shells have the ability to give out healing without absorbing negativity due to them coming from the ocean.

Work with Dolphin Reiki symbols and different shells to create a wonderful and amasing healing experience. Mimic the ocean; bring peace and tranquility into your healing with the help of your dolphin pod. Seashell healing creates an uplifting and emotional release of the mind, body and soul, using the natural flow of the body. Shells have the ability to remove karmic imprints & dissolve etheric cords.

Dolphin Masters attunement.



Included: full colour manual, course notes, certificate & gift box

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What is shell healing?

Sea shells have been used for centuries by the Hawaiian’s who understood the uniqueness of the shells and how their shapes could channel healing. The Hawaiian’s used their intuitive healing ability so became experienced in knowing where to place the shells on the body. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Many spiritual gifted children were encouraged to enhance their healing with their parents sending the child to the spiritual sharman for instruction.


Even today shells have a fascination where people collect them from the beach, then take home to place in their homes. Shells and coral are regularly made into jewellery where the wearer feels uplifted, especially necklaces worn unknowingly to help the throat chakra.


With our bodies being 90% water the shells when placed on the body can help channel healing effectively using our circulation, this combined with the dolphin Reiki is very powerful. Sea shells resonate with the natural flow of the body and harness vibration pulses from the healer’s hands. The shells can channel the energy more intensely to remove blockages so the healer can achieve deeper healing on the emotional and spiritual bodies.



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