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Birth of Wise Ones   


It may be hard to imagine but our ancestors lived in isolated villages and small towns. This meant that the people hardly met or spoke with others around the country. The world in ancient times was cruel and dull. The forests were dense with travel very difficult, dangerous and taking days or months to visit another town. Clothes and dwellings were plain and simple. There was a high mortality rate in children and adults often did not live over 30 yrs. People were desperate to believe in a high power to lift them out of this gloom.   Nature was the only consistent element that altered with the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter would be primarily the same each year with the animals and plants creating a pattern which the villagers soon understood. Our ancestors developed mutual beliefs in their community on disasters or illness was created by an unseen force. They were desperate to blame someone or something when nature was unkind. Over time they created a belief in doing something to appease the Gods in nature. Often isolated villages developed similar beliefs with their superstitions and rituals the same as other villagers around Britain.   Nature was the start of the belief in intuitive instincts and this has evolved into the spiritual awareness of today.   Out of this chaos healers emerged to help spread the light in dark times.

What is a witch?  

Contrary to what you might believe from fairy stories as a child but witches began as wise genuine people, usually a woman and certainly not wicked.  The word “Witchcraft” dates back many hundreds of years and means literally “The craft of the wise”. This is because the Witches of the old were the wise ones of their village, knowledgeable in the art of healing, legal matters and spiritual fulfilment.  Centuries ago before many religions began a witch was a well-respected person who was knowledgeable in many areas and not just as a spiritual religious leader.  A witch was someone the villagers went for advice on all matters and even as a judge to sort out an argument or dispute. The witch was also the village doctor, comforter, midwife, lawyer and caretaker, who everyone valued their opinion. This opinion changed with the birth of religion, where organised common beliefs where spread across the land. The witches were then left to their own devices so many had to fend for themselves and were exiled out of the village.  Over time witches were persecuted and in some cases put to death. Death was often burning at the stake or drowning. This was a cruel and unjust fate for many witches were kind, caring and sympathetic with using their skills to heal.   Modern day witches practice the Wiccan religion where they are worshippers of the Earth and it’ many cycles. Wicca is an adaptation of Shamanistic Nature Religion, adapting it to fit modern lives.  Today’s witches believe that energy and spirit is found within every living thing and all that support it. Wiccans live in harmony with the Earth and all her creatures. Wicca teaches self-discipline, personal responsibility kinship with our plant and its creatures, open-mindedness and respect for all. Wiccans is a belief rather than a religion so people from different religions are a wiccan. The Wiccans belief is all religions lead to the same path which reveals the same truths. The Wiccan beliefs are similar to most lightworkers of today so we could also be referred to as a Wiccan, a white witch.


The word WITCH translated means WISE ONE.

Witches Broom or Besom  


In ancient pagan traditions the broom or Besom is the symbol of the Tree of Life and is traditionally made from hazel wood and the bristles are birch twigs. Early Celtic pagans associated the broom with Faeries and forest sprites. Witches would ask the help of the elemental kingdom to lead her way to the perfect tree where she can collect a staff for a broom. This was believed the elemental kingdom was giving their blessing in the making of the broom.   Brooms were a common household item in ancient times, so witches who were scared of being persecuted hide their wands within the brooms bristles. Some old brooms have been found where they have hidden compartments within the handle, where feathers, herbs and potions where kept secret.   The Witch's broom is one of the few tools that is seen as a balance of Divine forces. It is both part of masculine energies (the phallic handle) and female energies (the bristles). Because of this, the broom was and still is commonly used in Handfasting rituals (marriage ceremonies). It is also used as a gate or door before a ritual space. A witch would draw a magikal circle, enter the circle and then place the broom over the doorway to keep out unwanted energies or people as an example.    It is believed if the brooms bristles are facing upwards it will capture any evil spirits and negative energy so would protect the home. The broom can be placed above a door with the bristles facing the direction of door opening, again to trap any evil spirits. Modern day witches even use brooms to spiritually sweep the floor to gather up negative energy and then shake the broom outside. The broom usefulness to sweep away negative energies and use for protection makes it a wonderful tool for magikal practices and rituals.    I keep mine by our fireplace to help safe guard the positive energy in my chimney.



Shamans healers are well known all around the world, they all seek spiritual enlightenment both on earth and in the Higher Realms. Shamans believe for a person to reach enlightenment they have to connect to their Higher self. Shaman’s use meditation to connect to their higher self by merging their soul energy with physical energy. Shamans believe that our Universe is made up of energy which is connected to all things living and inert objects.  When harnessing this power all becomes ‘one’ they are able to heal the body and soul with the power of thought. The mind can overpower negativity which has the ability to aid healing by the way we think. Shaman’s use positive thought and affirmations to reclaim their spiritual power and bring in abundance. Shamans have an understanding of mother nature and her healing power which can be channelled to bring in positive energy, abundance. Shamans use ancient tools, such as Runes, dowsing rods, crystals and stones to help heal the mind so the physical and spiritual body are in good health.

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Wiccan Shaman Reiki Master course

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Includes: Full colour course Manual, Practical healing, theory & Master certificate, Gift box Are you a white Witch, a Wiccan? Have you ever wondered how to bring in good luck or how some people always have bad luck? Discover how nature’s energy can be channelled to increase your energy in healing and psychic ability. Lost spiritual skills will be awakened. Learns basics of Shamanism which connects you to the energies of Mother Earth and to the energies of Spirit which will increase your spiritual power. Discover ways to use ‘spells’ to affirm your intentions for good health and prosperity. Reiki healing symbols to reclaim and increase personal power for you and your clients. Travel on a spiritual journey, looking within, discovering your path, knowing who you are, rights of passage, magical names. Use Ancient symbols& dowsing rods with healing.  


Included: full colour manual, practical & theory, certificate & gifts


Wiccan Shaman Reiki Master course

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